Wearable Masks

There are two approaches I take to making a wearable mask. One I call sculpted and the other flat pattern design. In the sculpted method I start with a mold of the face I want and mold the leather almost exactly to it. Some trimming and free forming may be done around the edges to help express the character. A flat pattern mask is designed from a basic domino (lone ranger) mask that fits your face well. The outer edges and cut out areas express the character and the molding is done on a basic face mold primarily to fit the bridge of the nose.

Flat pattern masks are faster and easier to make once you have the pattern. Sculpted masks are a little tougher and take more time, but allow for more variations in facial contours, are more comfortable to wear, and they continue the tradition of the "Comedia 'del Arte'".

Dominoe Masks

Basic Dominoe mask and variations. This is a good place to start learning how to design a mask that will fit well on a person. Patterns and instructions.

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celestial masks

"Celestials" Sun, Moon and Star Mask.These use the dominoe mask's edges to convey characters drawn from the sky. Patterns and instructions.

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filagree masks

"Filagree" Masks with cut out effects.Modify the edges of the Dominoe mask and employ cut-out areas to lighten up the design and draw new lines with negative space. Patterns and instructions.

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Feathery Masks

"Feathers" Three patterns with feathery effects.Use cut-outs and deep slices to create tabs that can be overlapped and twisted to look like feathers. Patterns and instructions.

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Animal Masks

"Animals" Cat, Mouse and Wolf masks with muzzles.Modify the edges, and spread the center of the Dominoe mask to create "fur", ears, and muzzles. Also change the eye shapes for expression. Patterns and instructions.

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bird and dragon

"Bird and Dragon" Two masks with Beaks and feather effects. Combine feather edge design and turn muzzles into beaks for two fanciful creatures. Patterns and instructions.

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